FUJIMI microcomputer and microprocessor suppliers:

To use the FUJIMI High Resilience System, you need to select a microcomputer or microprocessor which is equipped with FUJIMI functionality, including CPU core-only reset and a dedicated interrupt timer. You may contact us to help determine the most suitable device for your application.

Below are the microprocessors and microcomputers which currently support FUJIMI. They are available from the manufacturers and their distributors. Other processors with FUJIMI support are forthcoming.

  • CYPRESS Innovates:ARM M core FM3, FM4 series and ARM M0+ series
  • Dragonchip Ltd.:8051 MCU. DC6688FST

FUJIMI product information is available from:

CYPRESS Innovates Japan
Dragonchip Japan office

Download product datasheet

CYPRESS Innovates


8051 core MCU