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Our original research developed the accepted technology for security chips in amusement game machines. Although several fakes and forgeries of our chip have been developed attempting to modify the games’ code to increase payoffs, our technology immediately detected these fakes as not legitimate. During our fight against these deception methods, we have continued to develop further measures to strengthen our proprietary security technology.

In the course of our development of this chip, which is used in an environment with very high electrical noise as well as in the strict security, we have invented and incubated a new technologie for security and noise immunity.

It is our Non-Stop MCU called "Fujimi", which means immortal or never dying in Japanese.

Fujimi is our unique technology to keep a CPU functioning continuously, without stopping, even in environments with high levels of electrical noise. Although not literally non-stop, even if the CPU halts or malfunctions, it re-starts with no apparent effect on application programs. It would be a fatal flaw in game machines if the MCU malfunctioned or stopped when the player hit the Jackpot, so this technology has been proven in the real world.

This innovative technologie is now being used in other applications areas to provide robust solutions to very demanding requirements.

LETech is now leaders in electronics technology in these critically important fields.


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